Oberlin college creative writing major

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Charles Grandison Finney

AWP's Guide to Writing Programs is a free, the creative writing major emphasizes individual mentoring at the advanced level through small, juried workshops (with a maximum enrollment of 12) and independent projects directed by program faculty. The Oberlin College Press is run by professors who are creative writers, and includes.

Rumaan Alam's (English and creative writing major '99) "astonishing" new novel THAT KIND OF MOTHER is getting rave reviews. Congratulations, Rumaan! The Creative Writing major at Oberlin stands separate from the English department, and has been that way for 40 years. “Faculty and students work independently to tailor the concentration to the needs of the majors and of all students interested in creative writing,” said Associate Professor of English and Acting Director of Creative Writing DeSales Harrison.

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Facts About Creative Writing Colleges in Oberlin, OH. There are 1 Creative Writing Colleges in Oberlin, OH.

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The Creative Writing major requires the equivalent of nine full courses, distributed as follows: the gateway (a full course), three level workshops (3 full courses), a full course or two half courses in electives, the capstone seminar (a full course), and three additional full courses in textual studies.

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Oberlin college creative writing major
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