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Her artistry is strong and engaging, and she writes with writing— at times contagious—- coma. Carus Wilsonby that of Mr Brocklehurst. Schedule an online tutoring session with Cassandra S. to learn Essay Writing and Social Studies online. Read reviews, see more subjects Cassandra S.

tutors and schedule a session. Gave great advice. Amber. English - Essay Writing - College Level. Aug 20, Thank you Edelmira. English - Essay Writing - College Level. Aug 15, The. Editorial Reviews "Superb writing advice hilarious, helpful and provocative." -- New York Times Book Review.

"A warm, generous and hilarious guide through the writer's world and its treacherous swamps."Los Angeles Times. If you're a college or high school student, I want you to know that writing well is a skill that takes time. Here are some tips that can help you get started with your essay. 1) Simple Language Is The Best Language.

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Aerogramme Writers' Studio / 12 April Writing Advice from Cassandra Clare (part two) As for classes, there aren’t any specific ones you have to take.

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I took some writing classes in college. That’s it.

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I majored in English, but a lot of writers don’t. Some major in creative writing, psychology, philosophy, or even math. Founder of elite college prep agency Mint Tutors, Ashley Wellington shares hard-hitting essay-writing advice tailored to each student's strengths and potential pitfalls, inspiring students to write as if guided by their own personal college admissions tutor.

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